The real estate market in Istanbul

There is a constant increase in the value of the property for sale in Istanbul, which attracts investors. Turkey took only 18 months after the global downturn in the real estate market to recover and go into growth.

Since that time, the annual and constant increase in the value of real estate in Istanbul ranges from 10% to 15%. This means that investors in Istanbul have the opportunity to get a good investment income. According to the Institute of Statistics of Turkey, the growth in the number of real estate transactions in Istanbul has grown by 35%, of which 25% falls on foreign citizens acquiring property in Istanbul. The data are based on the results of the first half of 2015 compared with the same period in 2014.


One of the best arguments for buying property for sale in Istanbul is that 30% of the population people under 35 years old. Young and educated people are just starting their way of life, they all need houses and apartments for rent. Accordingly, 30% of the population is a potential market for the rental of real estate.

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